Friday, February 13, 2009

Rose Room

Copy the code and follow the instructions from side bar.

<style type="text/css">
body {background-image: url(""); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; }
<div id="tag" style="position:absolute; left:0px; top:30px; z-index:50; width:150px; height:45px;">
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img border="0" src=""/>


  1. This is totally lovely and so spring!! But I couldn't get it working =( The code gave me the checked backround with the lady on it.
    You are unbelievable skilled!! =)

  2. Hi Naapero
    No wonder, that you couldn't get it working, the code was wrong, but I changed it, now it should work.

    And thank you! It's always so nice to get inspiring comments. :)

  3. Now it's working!! =D And it's totally adorable! Lovely =)
    Thank you a lot and have a warm and sunny spring over there <3

    -Naapero from far away Finland-

  4. Naapero!
    No olipa tosi kiva, etta tulit hakemaan korjatun koodin.

    Taalla Kaliforniassa ei oikein tahdo vuodenaikoja erottaa toisistaan, mutta jotenkin on kevainen fiilis, vaikka ulkona on taysi kesa.

    Ihan kaiholla kaipailen Suomen kevatta, se on niin ihanaa aikaa siella. :)